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About Hustle and Heart NC

Suzy Bennett & Cennet Kelly are a tag team lesbian/queer couple from Winston Salem, NC! Suzy loves ALL things monogrammed and Cennet is always along to support her dream (so long as she can throw in a curse word or two along the way LOL).

Our mission is to provide the best direct to garment items at the best prices you can find for YOUR brand or shop. We are here to help you!

Our items come already packaged should you so choose. In rare instances you may catch a dark rectangle on one of the garments; it comes out in the wash, promise! We try to keep it from happening but we are human just like you.

We currently operate out of our storefront location where we also offer local pickup as an option. If you have any questions, we are happy to help as best as we can, just shoot us an email to admin@hustleandheartnc.com after reading our FAQ section.

We look forward to doing business with you <3

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Frequently Asked Questions


Can we sell/run your items in our group or on our website?

ABSOLUTELY, PLEASE DO! That's what we are here for.

Our designs stay on the website and we are constantly adding new ones on top of customs. We have flat pricing for each garment style from YS to 3X.

Every month we run a special and you can find more information on that either in our VIP group or by visiting the SALE tab on our website.

Do you dropship or blindship?

Absolutely, just make sure you enter the customers address for the SHIPPING address and try to leave us a little note at checkout if you can.

I'd like an update on my order.

January 17th - Goooood Morninggg!
Quick Production Check In….. We are still a little out of order as we are circling back to the orders that ran out of Meds/Large over the weekend. Its going to take me a day or two to get back on track with them. I have orders from Dec 29th- January 5th on my desk and in line for printing. We are running 2-3 days behind on TAT and we will catch back up with extra hours and less naps. (jk I dont nap ever)
January 14th - Just posting a little update that if you ordered 12.30, you are on business day 9 until TUESDAY (remember there is a holiday), which will be business day 10.
Some orders may ship before others because instead of stopping printing because of missing larges (we ran out and they should arrive Tuesday), we have pulled those aside and continued to print through the rest as we can. As soon as larges arrive we immediately will switch back to printing those. December 9th through January 2nd MINUS orders with larges should have tracking by Tuesday morning. The following orders are delayed: 8895, 8937, 8906, 8925, 8944, 8886, 8891, 8894, 8865, 8842, 8831, 8838, 8809, 8753, 8796, 8798, 8779, 8920, 8805, 8858, 8889, 8907, 8878, 8901.
YOUTH sizes may not appear as bright as these photos you are seeing because there is not a Softstyle Youth Sweatshirt and the cotton count isn't as high.

What does TAT mean?

TAT stands for turnaround time; the length of time it will take for us
to complete your order before it will ship out of our facility. It is the same thing as processing time. Keep in mind TAT and processing time are separate from shipping time.

What brands of apparel do you use?

You can find this information in the descriptions of the items. It can
vary due to nationwide stock shortages. They are ALWAYS Unisex unless it states otherwise.