Order Update 2.6.2023

Production Update!
Ahhhh if it could wrong this weekend it did. On Saturday morning I came in and the printer needed ink, I refilled and the IC stick we have to put in to tell the printer we are loading ink had an error. Leaving our printer in error state and not able to print. I started calling and messaging everyone I know to find someone with a IC Stick close or even far. But we are one of the few on the East Coast with this printer… Sunday we drove to pick up the chip from someone and I was back up and running yesterday afternoon. I printed until 10pm yesterday and was back here this morning at 9am. (Would have been here before but kids.)
Currently on the printer is the second half of the 9th. (The bigggggest day yet)
We will be working on 9th -16th this week. I will be here every evening this week late so we can stay on schedule.
Don’t Riot. Please Don’t do it. I'm begging.
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