Order Update 1.14.2023

Just posting a little update that if you ordered 12.30, you are on business day 9 until TUESDAY (remember there is a holiday), which will be business day 10.
Some orders may ship before others because instead of stopping printing because of missing larges (we ran out and they should arrive Tuesday), we have pulled those aside and continued to print through the rest as we can. As soon as larges arrive we immediately will switch back to printing those. December 9th through January 2nd MINUS orders with larges should have tracking by Tuesday morning. The following orders are delayed: 8895, 8937, 8906, 8925, 8944, 8886, 8891, 8894, 8865, 8842, 8831, 8838, 8809, 8753, 8796, 8798, 8779, 8920, 8805, 8858, 8889, 8907, 8878, 8901.
YOUTH sizes may not appear as bright as these photos you are seeing because there is not a Softstyle Youth Sweatshirt and the cotton count isn't as high.
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