Order Update 1.27.2023

Production Update-
(Even though I just did 3 days ago)
  1. This weekend I will be getting out all of the 5th & 6th. That’s 504 sweatshirts. 🥴🥴🥴🥴
  2. Monday I will start on 7-9th & update around Tuesday how that is going.
  3. We have paused orders for custom preppy mascots new designs. Y’all ordered around 50 new mascots in two days and basically every single mascot was different; that’s a lot of drawing and we don’t want to overwhelm the designer. When we are a bit more caught up we will open them again.
  4. Februarys special is live and custom options are open for $1.
Just a few more days to take advantage of all the January deals! 🖤
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